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  1. I am so mad that millsberry is gone.Millsberry was a sight that I went on to play and have fun.It was fun safe,and creative.I would really like it if you could bring it back for a chance for me and my brother to experience new thing instead of games that kill your brain cells.I will really like it if you can being millsberry back.
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Play Fun Online Games for kids like Spongebob Squarepants, Adventure Time, Angry Birds and so much more! The article possesses games like Millsberry. The game was launched in 2004 that drops players in the online virtual world. Millsberry mainly focuses on children and teens, so it depicts content accordingly. There are millions of younger aged players who love playing Millsberry because of the attractive graphics and wonderful features.

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Millsberry Arcade Games

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Very soon there will come a long-awaited summer - the time of leave, sun and heat. Someone heading off seaward to warm countries, but someone prefers a quiet cottage, surrounded by beautiful flowers and trees. And, of course, garden beds!

If instead of the scorching sun and crowds of tourists you prefer the second option of rest, then you can start right now by playing a new slot machine BELATRA online The Smart Rabbit. You can play for free without registration on our website. Also we invite you to play this BELATRA slot machine for real money in the online casino of our partners.

And so that you do not get bored in our virtual dacha, we offer you a fascinating adventure - to expel a smart Rabbit, who encroaches not only on the garden beds, but also on stocks in the warehouse...

Bonus 'The flight of a rabbit'

A fluffy pest that eats crops in unlimited quantities must be urgently eliminated. And do it best with simple garden rakes! You get from 1 to 3 attempts to send a rabbit to the flight, depending on the received scatter-symbols. Press 'START' and carefully observe, where the Rabbit will go - on the Warehouse, to the Living Room or to the Greenhouse!

Bonus 'Warehouse'

On the shelves of the warehouse there is a huge number of boxes! Weigh them and will get winnings! But do not forget, that in the box may sit Rabbit, who wants to eat all the contents.

Bonus 'Living Room'

In a cozy living room a lot of rare antiques. Behind each thing can be hidden winning amounts. But one of the items is a fake! He will not bring you a win and will complete the bonus.

Bonus 'Hothouse'

In the hothouse grow many green vegetables! All of them cost considerable money! Choosing vegetables, you get a win. But remember: the rabbit has already visited the greenhouse, and one of the vegetables is already thoroughly chewed by to them!

Bonus 'Pots'

If you find several new sprouts on your garden bed, you can choose one of the offered pots and get a winning for a new blooming flower! Jackpot

'Wheel of Fortune'

Revolve the drums in the main game and getting a JP for each spin. When you will score 2000 points, the super-jackpot will be automatically start playing. On the first wheel, the main prize is the opportunity to untwist the second wheel. On the second - to win the jackpot 'Wheel of Fortune'. But without victory no one will remain - each sector on the wheel hides a prize - doubling or tripling points during subsequent accumulation or additional JP points.

The Smart Rabbit online from Belatra Games is an excellent combination of a classic slot and a bright game with an exciting storyline!