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The Grinch certainly isn't the greatest game in the world, but when considering its target audience it just about hits the spot. The anti-Christmas sentiment does seem a bit odd, but if this doesn't bother you or your young ones, you'll have a good time here. Seuss’ timeless classic comes to life in a shiny all-new Ultimate Edition of How the Grinch Stole Christmas, now with 2 newly remastered Grinch Specials: The Grinch Grinches the Cat in the Hat and Halloween is Grinch Night! 'The Grinch Walkthrough' By 'Cabdriver524' [email protected] For Sony PlayStation Tutorial Level Room#1)Butt drop the boxes to find the key. Room#2)Slide the stone aside. Room#3)Use Max to. Seuss - How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (USA) (Nintendo DS) for free in your browser. Got a The Grinch walkthrough, FAQ or Guide? Use the submission form, or email them as attachments to [email protected]/Guides are posted in their original, unaltered form. Submit your cheats.

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The Grinch (c) Konami
Windows 9x, Pentium II-266, 32MB Ram, 4x CD-ROM
Friday,December8th, 2000

The Grinch Pc Gameplay

By: Jimmy Clydesdale
Forget Christmas, this is the story of how the Grinch stole a few hours of my time thanks to this unappealing interactive game. Dr. Seuss' 'How the Grinch stole Christmas', much like 'A Christmas Carol', is a holiday classic. Earlier this year, Ron Howard, Jim Carrey and company brought this magical tale to the big screen in the form of 'The Grinch'. It was a juggernaut waiting for a push and now that the movie has achieved box office success, the bandwagon is rapidly filling up with Konami riding shotgun.

Brightly coloured lights, gift-wrapped presents and carols, this can only mean one thing, it's Christmas time in Whoville. If there's one thing the Grinch detests, its Christmas, and as he sits atop Mt. Crumpit observing Whoville, he ponders what dastardly deeds he can perform to disturb the festivities. How can he deprive the residents of Whoville of their favourite holiday? How about smashing their gifts, destroying their snowmen and defacing public property? It's all part of the Grinch's master plan of stealing Christmas, so let's get to it.

The Grinch is a third-person action/adventure game where you play as the Mean One himself. The object of the game is to complete a series of tasks, designed to ruin holiday preparations, before Christmas day. The Grinch has a decidedly console feel to it. Not only is the gameplay simplistic, the graphics are well below par for a PC title. Toss in the usual aches and pains that are often attached to third-person action games and you've got The Grinch in a nutshell, a poor effort that fails to appeal to it's target audience, let along gamers in general.

After an introductory scene sets up the Grinch's tale, the first bit of action involves a set of tutorial rooms that teach and showcase the Grinch's many talents. Fortes such as his super-human strength, his unique ability to butt-slam (for lack of a better word) and his stank breath. It's also here that you'll bear witness to some of the game's biggest downfalls. The camera work is terrible, often facing directly at the Grinch rather than following closely behind him, over his shoulder. The controls are finicky and plagued with delayed reactions. Rather than a running jump, you can literally jump straight up in the air, press the forward key, and the result is a jump forward. Gravity has nothing on the Grinch. But wait, that's not the worst part. In terms of the graphics, there's more clipping going on here than at my local barbershop. The only high point by this time is the voice of the narrator, which is fantastic. As for the Grinch, his voice needs a whole lot more personality.

The game gets better though, doesn't it? I'm afraid not. Once you finally arrive in Whoville, the game continues on its unimaginative journey. There are four locations to explore including Whoville, Whoforest, Wholake and the Dump, but each locale is less appealing than the previous one. There's no life in the game, no atmosphere. Visually, the environments are dark and bland. For the love of St. Nick, the snow is grey. And since when was Whoville evacuated? Besides the police officers, that help indicate which buildings are accessible and which are not, the only other residents of Whoville are often Grinch-molesting children who have nothing better to do than touch, feel, and hug the big green guy. The town is void of interaction, except with items and buildings that are necessary to interact with in order to complete the tasks.

The Grinch mostly involves wondering around the game's locations, smashing gifts and collecting items including blueprints required to build gadgets. The gadgets are often involved in the grander scheme of things, such as completing the objectives required in order to ruin Christmas in Whoville. In order to put together a gadget, you'll have to gather and re-arrange the blueprints properly, back at the Grinch's lab. The gadgets range from a Rotten Egg Launcher to a Rocket Spring, which allows the Grinch to jump higher. Once you've put together a fancy gadget, new environments will open up and new missions unveiled.

The biggest problem with The Grinch is the fact the game just isn't much fun. There's no challenge for older gamers and the younger audience will quickly grow tired of the tedious tasks and the lack of interaction and atmosphere in the game. For instance, near the beginning of the game, you have to find a disguise in order to enter the Whoville post office. Ok, that's cool. Once inside, however, it becomes a question of whether you can manoeuvre through a maze in order to unlock certain doors, which lead to more present smashing and blueprint gathering. Such tasks are dull, uninspiring and will undoubtedly be unable to hold the attention of a younger gamer.

The only real unique feature in The Grinch is the ability to switch between the Grinch himself and his dog Max. Some of the puzzles in the game were not meant for such large green creatures, so this is where Max becomes a valuable asset. Max isn't much of a dog however, as he can't even jump. All he does is run around, often resulting in camera views that will have you tearing your green body hair out in no time.

When the Grinch finally realizes the true meaning of Christmas and all is well again in Whoville, this title is simply a dreadful gaming experience. It lacks entertainment, atmosphere, colourful visuals, solid voiceovers, challenging puzzles, a steady camera, good controls, and anything else a game should have. It's gar? gar? garbage. The only thing it has going for it is its name, The Grinch, which kids will instantly fall for after having watched the movie. This holiday season, The Grinch is stealing something alright, but it's not Christmas.

[ 16/50 ] Gameplay
[ 04/10 ] Graphics
[ 05/10 ] Sound
[ 04/10 ] Storyline
[ 02/10 ] Fun Factor
[ 02/10 ] Replay Value

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Video games are one of the best indoor activities for a person; it helps to experience a completely different world. The Grinch (2000) follows the footsteps of the popular movie. The game was narrated by George Lowe. In ‘the Grinch’ the player has to use the Grinch’s smelly breath to pass through the obstacles and to reach to his final destination.

What is the Plot of the game, The Grinch?

Every video game has a story behind it, similarly the Grinch was made on the movie, so the plot was about the Grinch who wants to steal the gadgets from the town, Whoville but during deciding what to steal first he lost his plan’s blue prints and now the Grinch has to run to find them. So basically what happens is that the Grinch looks through a telescope at Whoville and plans to use his imaginative amazing gadgets to steal the Christmas presents. But first he needs to prepare the gadgets and for that he has some blueprints.

Unfortunately, the Grinch falls down from the large boxes and the blueprints for his gadgets fly away from the wind blowing and they fly far into different areas of the Wholand. So now to find the missing blueprints, the Grinch goes through the Whoforest, Whoville, Wholake and Whoville Municipal Dump. He starts destroying Christmas gifts, and he also plays many pranks on citizens of Whoville. The player has to keep moving forward to recover the missing pieces of the blueprints that flew away when the character fell in the start of the game.

Features of the game:

  • Single Player
  • Non-violent action and adventurous game
  • You play as The Grinch himself
  • You get to choose from different imaginative gadgets and weapons such as a Rotten Egg Launcher, and Grinch Copter etc.

PROS of the Grinch:

  • The fans of the movie can relive their love for the movie.
  • No such violence promoted against human beings.
  • The game has a very easy gameplay.
  • Includes missions that encourage strategic thinking.

CONS of the Grinch:

Grinch Free Games

  • Only offers single player.
  • The game version does not live up to the high standards of the film
  • Game needs to upgrade for better results.
  • Might give out a bad message that it promotes stealing.
  • Smashing of gifts may promote an inappropriate concept of Christmas in the minds of little kids.

Personal Rating

The Grinch Video Game Pc

The game is very easy and based on the popular movie however it did not live up to the popularity and success of the movie. We would give this game an average rating of 3/5.