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If you have hundreds (or even thousands) of cards in your baseball card collection and want to scan them you know how time consuming it can be. Here is a screenshot from a program which will automatically extract several cards from a single scan in a single go:

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Sports Card Inventory Software For Mac

This is a screenshot of RansenScan. What has been scanned, the raw scan, is shown on the left, and the automatically extracted images are shown in the two columns on the right. It is pretty good, after the scan the automatic extraction of the images takes at most 30 seconds. Good, but not perfect...

We need to adjust one of the images, the one of Mark Grace in the bottom middle of the main image. If you look at the extracted image, the one at top right of the screenshot, you'll see that it has missed out the name at the bottom of the card. This is because the white border of the card and the white background of the scanner cover look the same to the program.

But the problem is easy to correct, click on the sub image (top right in the above example) and the frame of the card appears in the main scan area:

Once you have stretched and maybe rotated the selection a bit, you can substitute the new selection in the old sub image:

And what about cards which have not been put on the scanner 'square'? RansenScan will correct the non straight cards automatically:

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Note the first and last baseball cards on the top row. In the automatically extracted images (on the right) they have also been automatically straightened.

Of course RansenScan requires that there is space between the images (or photos) and that the borders are clean for automatic extraction to work. You may also have to adjust the size of the images which are to be recognised. But that is simply a question of setting the min and max size in the Auto Recog Settings dialog:

Sports Card Inventory Software For Mac

In the above example it has been set for scanning small photos or stamps. For sports collections the max should be set at about 30%, often less.

For scanning cards on large scanners click here.

Free Sports Card Inventory Software

RansenScan has a free demo (for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8) which you can download by clicking on the button below. That way you can try it on your own card collections with your own scanner before buying the full version.

Sports Card Inventory Software For Mac Os

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