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Printerit's a month I'm trying to make my Prusa i3b Pro connected to my MacBook Pro High Sierra 13.10.6

Page 1 Geeetech A10M Desktop 3D Printer ——USER MANUAL——.; Page 2 Never leave your A10M 3D printer unattended while powered on or printing. Disconnect your A10M 3D printer from the power supply and computer when not in use. Do not print using materials that have not been approved by GEEETECH for use with the A10M 3D printer.

It's a GT2560 rev a+ CH340C
From the local control panel all works ok, but I cannot have it connected and working from my MacBook

Geeetech Color Mixer Download

I've done all what have received from Geeetech in terms of drivers software download received from Geeetech, set at 125000 and 250000 baud ...nothing.

Geeetech A10m Software

When connecting through USB, Repetier-host (1.1.0 (104) does NOT recognize/see the printer

Geeetech Easy Print Download

After connecting, in the 'Printer settings-Connection-Port' list it shows only the 'Virtual Printer' option (see attached)
Then any commend it's simply 'virtual' and nothing happen to the printer.Geeetech 3d printer software

Software For Geeetech For Mac Windows 10

Any help will be really appreciated!!!