Pro Evolution Soccer ( Pes ) 2017 1.04


Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 – PES 2017 game developed by PES and it is published by Konami For MS Windows, PS 4, PS 3, Xbox 360. It is the 16th part it is Evolution Soccer Series. It has single and multiplayer game modes consists of different types of skills. And also it has great features that make more uniqueness. There is interesting gameplay.

PES 2017 Gameplay Trailer

Download PES 2017. New downloadable version of the popular soccer game. PES 2017 PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER-the next version of the famous football Simulator multi-use subjects from Konami Studios, that on an equal capable of competing with the 'masterpiece' from EA. Dive into the gameplay starts with a friendly meeting, which are the two famous teams with world name – «Barcelona»»» (Spain) and Borussia (Germany).

  • At the beginning of 2017, the world saw a new version of the legendary football simulator - Pro Evolution Soccer (PES 17). This series of games has been enjoying unprecedented popularity for over 20 years and all thanks to the realistic football world for the user.
  • PES 2017 - Pro Evolution Soccer. PES Productions - Konami.
  • At the beginning of 2017, the world saw a new version of the legendary football simulator - Pro Evolution Soccer (PES 17). This series of games has been enjoying unprecedented popularity for over 20 years and all thanks to the realistic football world for the user.

PES 2017 Gameplay

PES 2017 is artificial intelligence(AL), The gameplay of Al is the styles of every player and it allows the game to have automatically changed. Electronic Entertainment Expo 2016 was announced the data will be sharing edit it transferred between PS4 via USB. It also compatible multiple regions’ data sharing in the US and Asian among each other. Once you can upload the file it automatically updates.

The game is available in Offline between friends and payers are analyze the favorite moves and its pitches to attack. The first series of game Konami’s new partnership with Fc. PES 2017 has some large teams which are registered in PES 2016.

Types of mode

This game consists of two modes players always know all the basic things we give you information about both the modes below

Single Player Game

It implies that in the single-player mode player which permits with playing the game performance. And they just need to contend with the other in-game team in different kinds of classes and competitions.

Multiplayer Game

In multiplayer mode, clients are allowed to play the game with their companions or with numerous other irregular players on the planet. The multiplayer mode is increasingly successful and fascinating when contrasted with the single-player mode.

Along these lines, one must give more consideration to both the modes so as to go far in Pro Evolution Soccer 17.

PES 2017 System Requirements

Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) is best football game that can be played on various platforms including PlayStation, Xbox and PC. It is the only real competitor to the famous FIFA game.

Both games are officially available for Windows PCs and PlayStation consoles, and now they are released for Android smartphones and tablets, and iOS iPhone in order to make the game available to a wider range of fans on every possible platform.

KONAMI released a version of PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2017 for high-end Android devices to compete its fierce comptetor EA Sports FIFA 17. PES 2017 brings the most exciting football playing experience to your smartphone.

Special leagues and clubs in PES 2017 PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER

After downloading and installing PES 2017 for Android on your mobile phone, you will notice that the game has many international leagues and clubs like FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Liverpool, MAN United, Millan, Bayern Munich. Other internatioal clubs that take part in great Championships like UEFA Champions league, English league, Spanish League, Italian League and German League.

Create your own team on PES 2017 PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER

One of the impressive things in the game is the ability to create your own team from scratch, where the game will allocate you a specific budget through which you will contract with a professional coach who will lead your team to the top and win the various tournaments, and then you will contract with the players starting from the goalkeeper, defense, and midfield players as well as attacking players, but initially you will not be able to hire famous players and stars because of the poor budget owned by the club.

Step by step you will be able to bring the best players. PES 2017 for Android allows you to choose a team name, team color, and jersey design, hire a lawyer and doctor for the club until you can build a large club that competes fearlessly and without hesitation.

Set the matches settings in PES 2017 PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER

Pes Pro Evolution Soccer

PES2017 for Android allows you to set special settings for each game. These settings include the level of difficulty of the match and the time period of the match, as well as selecting the weather of the game, whether rainy or clear sky, as well as choose the time of the game whether it is day or night and choose the stadium where the game will be held and the shape and color of the ball and other important settings that you need to create a suitable environment to play games with great enthusiasm and positive psychology.


PES 2017 PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER for Android features more than one way to control the game, here are we detail two main ways to control the game:

The First Method: Pressing on the commands on the screen

This is the most widely used method, so all you have to do is to press the desired command on the game screen. For example: when you want to pass the ball, press the command on the screen to pass a short ball and hold down for a longer pass. As well as the same thing with the command of shooting the ball and the speed and draw the ball. There is a circle on the left side of the game screen dedicated to control the directions of the players and the direction of passing and shooting.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Patch

The Second Method: touch and gestures

This method is difficult especially in the beginning so there will be no command but by touching the screen, for example: if you want to pass the ball to another player you will have to point and touch the screen toward this player that you want to deliver the ball to him. If you want to shoot you will have to touch the screen between the legs of the player towards the goal and the same with the control of the directions of the player and speed.


  • The most realistic football game.
  • Quality graphics and high performance gaming.
  • A large list of famous clubs and international teams.
  • European and international stadiums with stunning designs.
  • Contains various rituals, climate and atmosphere.
  • Possibility of establishing a special team and compete at all levels and leagues.
  • Voices of commentators and the fans that add great enthusiasm to the game.

You can Download the latest version of the best Android football game PES 2017 PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 5.0.1 for free from Downzen Store and install it on your device in an easy and direct way by pressing the download button in this page.