Pokemon Thunder Yellow Gba Rom Free Download

  1. Pokemon Thunder Yellow Gba Rom free. download full

Pokemon Thunder Yellow is the most awaiting an awesome pokemon game which is a remake of Pokemon Fire Red Version. Several changes in the gameplay have been done as well in the Storyline of the game. Pokemon Thunder Yellow Download Zip from our website which has the completed and latest version. This is a successful remake by Feather who have to make the storyline in a way which is completely faithful to the Pokemon Yellow.

Basic Info about Pokemon Thunder Yellow Version GBA:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Thunder Yellow
  • Creator: Feather
  • A remake of Pokemon Fire Red

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Snapshots of the Gameplay:

Pokemon Thunder Version Yellow ROM Complete Walkthrough:

Pokemon Thunder Yellow Gba Rom free. download full

Perhaps you may have played the Pokemon Yellow ROM which was one of the awesome and most trending games in the market. This game has the same storyline as the yellow version. Because in this game the main character is doing the kind of adventures in the area. These adventures may be of many types, some of them include the searching of different Pokemon characters while some of them are just from the random environment.

The player has the GB player which is a music player for Gameboy. While moving in the area for different characters and missions you will notice that the Pikachu is constantly following you. Huh! Great, this is quite an awesome feature of the game in which the Pikachu is following you on the whole way. There are many things just modeled and imported from the Pokemon yellow version, as it is one of the remakes.

Several new battle and moves elements are just imported and re-modeled from the Yellow version. Although they look really awesome, now you will feel new and fresh. Like the Sprites which are present in the area which is assigned to you and you are currently living. Other than that you will see the bunch of new elements which are unique in this game.

Battle System:

Updating and remodeling different elements in the game is the core part of the game. Now you will see and experience the complete battle system changed from the previous version. New effects are now part of the basic battle which is happening between two or more characters. You can go for Pokemon Mega Moemon Game OR Download Pokemon Metal Game

Things Re-Modeled:

One of the special and noticeable facts about this game is that most of the materials and things are re-model versions. Like the Sprites and Tiles has been changed from the previous yellow version to the new and different style. There are some new sprites present for the trainers as well as for the gym leaders in the area. One more thing to notice is that the coaches and wild pokemon are now changing in the latest version. Download Reborn Game

Graphics and other Features:

Many changes in the graphics section of the game have been done. Like change background, environment and styles of the characters are some of the noticeable things to notice in the most recent version. Also, not that the game is anti-Jessie and anti-James, also have a proper system for Pikachu happiness etc. Music and Background effects of the game is so awesome and interesting that you will be the fan of this thunder yellow pokemon game.

One more thing to note that you can get the Charmander, Squirtle or Bulbasaur as you starter pokemons. Getting any of them will be your good luck to move forward in the game and do the research work.

Pokemon thunder yellow gba rom free. download full

List of some amazing features and updates in Pokemon Thunder Yellow GBA Download:

  • Having a different battle system.
  • Pikachu can follow you easily.
  • Having GB Player.
  • All the Sprites and Tiles are re-model version of Yellow ROM.
  • You can get Charmander and Squirtle even Bulbasaur as a Starter.
  • Fully Anti-Jessie and James.
  • Gym Leaders are present and have new sprites.
  • Graphics and sound system is awesome.
  • The storyline is interesting.
  • Different moves.

Download Pokemon Thunder Yellow Version Complete Zip: