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The demand for high-quality Photoshop brushes is huge. Every designer wants them. Every designer needs them. And as you will no doubt already know, we love to highlight and share as many free design resources as we can. And today we take a look at some of the best high-resolution Photoshop brush packs currently available in the design community.

  1. Photoshop Cs3 Paint Brushes Free Download
  2. Photoshop Paint Stroke Brush
  3. Oil Paint Brushes Photoshop Free
  4. Photoshop Paint Brushes Free
  5. Free Art Brushes For Photoshop
  1. Eyelashes photoshop brush is useful in your next Photoshop designs to give an eyelashes hair effect on your work. UNRESTRICTED – Windblown Hair Brushes Download. UNRESTRICTED – Bleeding Mascara Brushes Download. Eyebrow Brushes Download. Hair and Fur Brushes Download. Tears Brushes Download. 3 Photoshop Brushes for Painting Skin.
  2. A popular category of Photoshop brushes are ink, paint, and blood splatter brush sets. They are a great choice when working on grunge, retro or any other type of project that requires a bold design. If you are a designer (or anyone even remotely associated with graphic design), you know the importance and versatility of splatter brushes.

So grab them while you can and top-up your designer toolbox, you just never know when you will need them. We hope you find them useful!

How to Install & Use Photoshop Brushes

Once you use them, you will love Photoshop Brushes forever. We started collecting them in 2007, and now we can offer you over 1000 packs. You may use our search to find and download the brushes you are looking for. Our collection includes paint, ornament, splatter, grunge, clouds, and many more free brushes for Photoshop. Photoshop brush brushesphotoshop photoshopbrushes brushpack brushesdownload brushset painting brushphotoshop. Popular All Time. Brushes for photoshop. 1.9K Favourites. Brush settings for Paint tool SAI. 18.9K Favourites. 2.3K Favourites. Brush on Glimmer.

Photoshop brushes let you express your creativity in a completely new way. With hundreds of Photoshop brushes available for download, you are truly spoilt for choice so there’s no excuse not to use them. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to install and use Photoshop brushes.

  • Download Photoshop brush you want to use and unzip the file
  • On your computer, go to Photoshop folder and locate Presets > Brushes
  • Move your downloaded brush file to the above folder
  • Launch Photoshop and go to Edit > Presets > Preset Manager
  • Click the Load button, locate your newly added brushes and click Open. You can also use the import presets function to install an entire folder of presets at one time. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to use the new Photoshop brush.
  • To use a Photoshop brush, go to Window > Brushes
  • Select your brush and then paint over the canvas. You can adjust the size and shape of your brush in the Brush Settings panel

Wavenwater Photoshop Brushes (Free)

The Wavenwater Photoshop brushes is a set of artistic brushes and tool presets for Photoshop. You can freely use these brushes in your projects and let your creativity run wild.

Stipple Brushes for Photoshop (Envato Elements)

If you’re looking to add a modern twist or a touch of pop-art to your art creations, you will love this Photoshop brush set!

Elegant Flower Photoshop Brushes (Free, 15 Brushes)

This high-resolution set contains individual brushes of roses, lilacs, dandelions, and more. In total there are fifteen flowers in the free set.

Watercolor Brushes for Photoshop (Envato Elements)

This tropical watercolor brush set for Photoshop is all you need to create a dreamy tropical watercolor scene. It features 15 watercolor brushes and various watercolor elements and backgrounds.

Real Markers Photoshop Brushes (Free, 12 Brushes)

As well as a small selection of linework brushes, this fantastic collection includes a huge collection of permanent and solid marker Photoshop brushes.

Photoshop Brushes Watercolor Collection (Envato Elements)

These watercolor brushes feature lovely floral elements. It’s a great set of brushes that will add a dose of elegance to any project. The set contains more than 60 floral, garland, and wreath brushes.

Martina Palazzese’s Digital Oil Painting Brushes (Free, 6 Brushes)

Martina Palazzese has released her personal collection of brushes so that you can create your own professional digital oil paintings.

Artistic Studio: Watercolor Toolkit (Envato Elements)

This set is perfect if you want to seriously stock up your design library. It contains 35 watercolor brushes for Photoshop as well as dozens of other watercolor elements such as textures, strokes, backgrounds, and more.

Hi-Res Smoke Photoshop Brushes (Free, 4 Brushes)

Check out this collection of four smoke brushes for Photoshop. The brushes were done in hi-res and you can use them to spice up any design project you are working on.

Goldish Kit For Photoshop + Extras (Envato Elements)

Try this Goldfish kit for Photoshop if you’re working on a luxury or high-end project. The kit contains Photoshop brushes as well as layer styles, patterns, and textures.

Mixergraph Grunge Brushes (Free, 5 Brushes)

All five of the individual high-resolution textures in this free Photoshop brush pack have been hand-made, digitalised and then individually edited.

Watercolor Design Bundle (Envato Elements)

If you’re looking for a way to add artistic elements to your designs, look no further than these beautiful watercolor brushes. The set contains 169 watercolor brushes along with other various watercolor design elements.

Hand Drawn Arrows Brush Set (Free, 80 Brushes)

All created by hand, this free Photoshop brush set contains eighty individually sketched or drawn arrows.

Da Vinci Pencil Photoshop Brushes (Envato Elements)

This high-resolution set contains twenty-five varied hard and soft lead pencil and sketching brushes.

Real Photoshop Brush Strokes (Free, 53 Brushes)

Photoshop Cs3 Paint Brushes Free Download

This high-resolution (2500px) set of Photoshop Dry Brushes contains fifty-three brush presets, giving a huge choice of brush effects.

Trails Brush Set (Free, 19 Brushes)

Photoshop Paint Stroke Brush

This Trails brush set features 19 high quality brushes for Photoshop. The brushes can be used in both commercial and personal project but keep in mind attribution is required.

Bokeh Photoshop Brushes (Free, 8 Brushes)

If you want to apply a bokeh effect to your design easily, try this set of bokeh brushes. You will find 8 different brushes that can be used in any personal project.

Water Splash Photoshop Brushes (Free, 11 Brushes)

This package, created by Niño Batitis, contains 11 high-resolution water splash brushes.

Marker Streak Brushes (Free, 20 Brushes)

This set of Photoshop brushes contains 20 high resolution marker streak brushes. The brushes can be used in both personal and commercial projects with no limitations.

Realistic Charcoal Photoshop Brushes (Free)

This set of realistic charcoal brushes was born out of an artist’s need for realistic charcoal feel in their designs. The set features various charcoal style brushes and can be used with no limitations.

High Resolution Cloud Photoshop Brushes (Free, 20 Brushes)

In this high resolution (2500px) pack there are 20 cloud brushes. These brushes are free to download and use in both commercial and personal projects.

High-Resolution Fabric Texture Photoshop Brushes (Free, 20 Brushes)

There are twenty fabric textures in this pack, and are all sized at 2500px.

Distressed Halftone Brush Strokes (Free, 21 Brushes)

In this brush pack there are 21 hand-painted brush strokes that have been post-processed and bitmapped inside Photoshop, giving them a wonderful distressed halftone effect.

Lightning Photoshop Brushes(Free, 43 Brushes)

How about adding some lightning to your project? With the help of this brushes, you’re sure to make some electrifying designs! Brushes can be used for personal projects.

Watercolor ProBrush (Envato Elements)

This set of watercolor brushes is available as a part of your Elements subscription. The set contains 83 handmade watercolor brushes, ink, stroke, and dry medium brushes.

Oil Photoshop Brushes(Free, 20 Brushes)

If you need oil Photoshop brushes, this set will serve you nicely. The set contains twenty brushes that can be used in personal and commercial projects.

Splash Photoshop Brushes (Free, 15 Brushes)

Check out this collection of 15 splash brushes for Photoshop. It’s perfect for any grunge project and you can use these brushes in both commercial and personal projects.

Brush Pack v3 by Fenris31 (Free)

This brush pack by Fenris31 contains various brushes for Photoshop that will be suitable for all kinds of artistic and design projects. Use them in commercial and personal projects alike.

Photoshop Brushes for Painting Rocks and Water (Free)

If you want to achieve great results when painting rocks and water, consider this set of brushes. You will find various brushes that can be used for both commercial and personal projects. Crediting is not required but greatly appreciated.

Radiate Brush Set (Free, 12 Brushes)

This brush set includes 12 unique & abstract techno style brushes. Great for album artwork, abstract backgrounds and decorating tech style design projects.

Fairy Tales Photoshop Brush Set (Free, 9 Brushes)

In this set there are 9 high resolution (1000 up to 2500px) brushes. They can be used for creating fantasy backgrounds and textures like rocks and metals.

Old Technical Drawings Brushes (Free, 10 Brushes)

This set of brushes was made from old technical drawings so they are pretty realistic. The pack contains 10 brushes and they can be used for both commercial and personal projects.

High Res Dry Brush Stroke Brushes (Free, 12 Brushes)

This pack of high resolution brushes contains 12 dry brush stroke brushes. The pack can be used in personal and commercial projects, however attribution is required.

Bokeh Brushes (Free, 12 Brushes)

This set of bokeh brushes comes with 12 individual brushes that are perfect for any project that could use a little extra. The brushes are free to use in personal and commercial projects.

Rain Photoshop Brush Set (Free)

Create realistic rain effect with the help of the Rain brushes for Photoshop. The pack can be used for commercial and personal projects.

TC-EPICA-I (Free, 10 Brushes)

TC-EPICA-I is a set of artistic brushes. It contains 10 different brushes that can be used to apply textures, smudges, and effects to your designs. The pack is free for personal and commercial projects with attribution required.

Fiber Brushes (Free, 16 Brushes)

This pack contains 16 high resolution fiber brushes. They can be used in commercial and personal projects and crediting is not required but it is appreciated.

Custom Brushes of Tyler Street (Free, 40 Brushes)

With an unusual name like this, you’re bound to find some original brushes for your design project. The pack contains 40 different brushes that can be used for personal and commercial projects.

Nature Silhouettes Trees & Grass Brushes (Free, 19 Brushes)

Add a dash of nature to your designs with the help of these nature silhouette brushes. The pack contains 19 brushes and is free for personal and commercial use.

Oil Paint Brushes Photoshop Free

Abstract Bokeh Brushes (Free, 24 Brushes)

Now you can easily add lomo and light-leak effect to your photos without recreating this effect from scratch. The pack contains 24 different brushes.

Grimey Brushes (Free, 5 Brushes)

This pack of 5 brushes will add grime to any design. You can use the pack in personal and commercial projects with no limitations.

Watercolour & Ink Photoshop Brushes (Free, 25 Brushes)

These brushes have been created by using either watercolor paints or Indian ink on card. You can freely use them in both your personal or commercial work.

Aaron Griffin’s Digital Painting Brushes (Free, 6 Brushes)

Cloud Photoshop Brushes (Free, 15 Brushes)

There are fifteen individual cloud brushes in this set. You can use this free brush set with no commercial restrictions

Spray Splatter Photoshop Brushes (Free, 12 Brushes)

These free splattered spray Photoshop brushes will be perfect for adding a grungy or dirty effect to your artwork.

Smoke & Fire Brushes (Free, 22 Brushes)

There are twenty-two brushes in this free high-resolution smoke and fire set.

Vintage Plant Photoshop Brushes (Free, 7 Brushes)

Check out this collection of Photoshop brushes that feature various vintage plants. This set would be perfect for any nature-oriented design.

High Resolution Fire Photoshop Brushes (Free, 20 Brushes)

This pack contains twenty high-resolution fire brushes, perfect for creating fiery text effect, glowing embers, or using them for lighting effects.

Photoshop Smoke Brushes (Free, 13 Brushes)

This pack contains thirteen high quality Photoshop smoke brushes perfect for your next design project.

Even More Brushes…

If you”re looking for a particular type of free Photoshop brush, you should be able to find it in one of these collections:

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The oil brushes are useful to add elegance to the overall appearance of the designs. There is also the availability of the liquid brushes that lets you add water, oil, and other effects to the design. Be it posters for advertisement or image for presentation, these dazzling brushes will come handy as they will simplify your task to create impressive visuals for the viewers. There are plenty of options waiting for you in the oil brushes Photoshop, check them out now! You can also see Bamboo Brushes.


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High Resolution Oil Photoshop Brushes

Here’s a set of elegant oil Photoshop brushes that includes up to 20 high-resolution brushes. Every stroke of these brushes will give you different oil coat. Download it instantly using the link listed below! You can also see Explosion Photoshop Brushes.

Digital Oil Brushes – Free Download

This is an amazing pack of digital oil brushes that is absolutely free for download. It is suitable for both personal as well as commercial use. Use the below link quickly to see this intriguing piece of art! You can also see Torn Photoshop Brushes.

Oil Spill Brush Bundle

This is a bundle of oil spill brushes, which can help you create realistic effects. It contains 6 brushes that stroke different outline. It is available for free download the link mentioned below!

Digital Oil Paint Brushes

Are you in need of new art effects brushes? In that case, this bundle of digital oil paint brushes will be of your interest. These brushes are useful for oil style painting and related artwork.

Oil Pastel Brushes for Photoshop

This is a beautifully created set of oil pastel brushes that is one of its kinds. It allows you to experiment the mixture of various color in oil pastel using Photoshop tool.

Oil Pastel Strokes PS Brush

Here’s an excellent oil pastel strokes brush that can help you to incorporate interesting effects in your design. It includes 24 scalable vectors and 23 Photoshop brushes.

Realistic Oil Dripping Brushes

Here’s a fascinating set of realistic oil dripping brushes that will make your design look real and interesting. Just with few strokes of these brushes, you can transform the outlook of your layout from dull to eye-catchy.

Oil Pastel Brushes

This is a creatively designed Photoshop brush made out of oil pastels. This exciting set includes 12 oil pastels pattern brushes, 31 oil pastels art brushes and much more.

Vector Oil Pastels Brushes

This is a bundle of vector oil pastels brushes that can add an artistic value to your project. All of these brushes are made out of various oil pastels. Follow the link displayed underneath to instantly download it!

Oil Painting Bristle Scatter PS Brushes

This is an artistically designed set of brushes that features oil painting bristle scatter used to give a realistic effect to the design. It comes with 3 different painting texture styles.

Watercolor-Oil Effect PS Brushes

This is an attractive set of Photoshop brushes that gives out watercolor and oil effect on a single stroke. It includes high-resolution brushes that have 2500 x 2500 pixels each.

Oil Pastel Smudges PS Brush

Here’s a great Photoshop brush that features oil pastel smudge effect. It is an exciting set of 20 high-quality photoshop brushes that can be used for various designing purposes.

RM Gorgeous Oil Brushes

This is a professionally designed oil brushes, which have a gorgeous appearance. It includes different type of brushes such as highlight, soft, and bristle. Every stroke of these brushes gives out a clean and clear outline.

Oil On Canvas Lightroom Preset Brush

This is appealing oil on canvas lightroom preset brush that is all set to give your design a highlighted outlook. It works great on the clean portraits. Download it using the below link and give it a try!

Watercolor Oil Paint Brushes Vector

Do you want to add a watercolor effect to your design? Well, then these watercolor oil paint brushes are all you need. These vector brushes provide excellent end results.

Photoshop Paint Brushes Free

Traditional Media Digital Oil Mixer Brushes

Free photoshop brush sets

Oil Paint Brush Strokes On Canvas

Free Art Brushes For Photoshop

Sharpen Oil Brush Action

Photoshop Watercolor Oil Brush Pack

Personal Photoshop Oil Brush Pack

Stop wasting your valuable time in search of Photoshop brushes and start using these high-quality oil Photoshop brushes that will enhance the value of your artwork. There is also an assortment of wonderful paint brushes, which can help you in many other designing projects. So, use this collection to download the best Photoshop brushes today!

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