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  1. Nvivo 11 License Key

Windows product keys help re-enforce Windows security and avoid being attacked by viruses and malware. After keying them on your Windows 10, they work by allowing you access current windows security features and other trendy tools available for Windows users. Upon which you'll get away from those nagging messages which keep on to pop-up while dealing with your project. However, they are quite expensive to get them from Microsoft. Nevertheless, you can opt for Windows 10 key generator and receive genuine windows 10 product key.

Part 2: How to Activate Windows 10 using Product Key. Without taking much attention on where you found the key, either you bought the genuine Windows 10 product key, or from Windows 10 product key generator, you are going to use the same activation manual to activate Windows 10 OS. Here is the said activation manual: Step 1. Hi Jessie, Our records show that you have activated your NVivo 10 license key few hours ago. Please let us know if you require further assistance.

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Concerning Windows 10 product key, there are unlimited Windows 10 key generator available in the market. In spite of that, not all Windows 10 key generator is powerful enough and reliable, they boast a lot about themselves, and when you employ them, they tend to fail. In other occasions, they generate Windows 10 product keys which fail to activate Windows system. This is the kind of motivation which drove us to skim through the internet and compile the best 5 Windows key generator for you.

On the Welcome to NVivo 10 dialog box, choose to trial the software or enter your license key, and then click OK. On the License Activation dialog box, enter your details. Fields marked with an.

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5. Ten Forums

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Part 2: How to Activate Windows 10 using Product Key

Without taking much attention on where you found the key, either you bought the genuine Windows 10 product key, or from Windows 10 product key generator, you are going to use the same activation manual to activate Windows 10 OS.

Here is the said activation manual:

Nvivo 10 license key generator interlock

Step 1. Power on your computer and go to 'Settings' and then click 'Update & Security'.

Step 2. Next, hit on the 'Activation' option from the column on the left side of the screen.

Step 3. A 'Change Product Key' option will come to sight. Click on this option and provide relevant Windows 10 key and then tap 'Next'.

Part 3: How to Activate Windows 10 without a Product Key

You can feasibly achieve this with the help of a third-party software such as KMSpico.

Follow the guide below to bypass Windows 10 activation with KMSpico:

Step 1. Deactivate all the antivirus applications on your computer. Then download and install KMSpico on your PC like any other software.

Step 2. Now, go to the installation directory and double-click KMSeldi.exe to open. If it requests for administration privilege hit 'Run anyway'.

Step 3. Click the Red button on the pop-up window. Within no time the activation will complete.


Activating Windows 10 with or without the key is possible. When you are faced with the need for windows activation, gauge your position and use the right solution which suits you. If you have any questions, like forgot your Windows password, feel free to let us know.

NVivo 10 Windows

In this topic


If your site has been issued multiple NVivo license keys and you encounter problems activating a particular license key—for example, if a license key has expired or has been activated too many times—then, you can use a different license key instead.

IMPORTANT Replacing a license key is only intended for situations where you have problems activating a license key. If you want to extend a license key that is already activated, refer to Extending a license.

Replacing a license via the software

You can replace an unactivated license through the software in one of two ways:

  • If you are prompted to activate your license when you start NVivo—click Replace License Key, enter your new license key and then click OK.

  • If you are not prompted to activate your license key when you start NVivo, then do the following:

  1. Click the File tab, point to Help, and then click Replace License.

  2. Enter your new license key and click OK.

Replacing a license via the command line

You can replace an unactivated license using the command line.

IMPORTANT We do not recommend using the command below to replace a license key that has already been activated, as this will ignore any time remaining on the activated key. Instead, if you want to extend a license key that is already activated, refer to Extending a license.

To replace an unactivated license key and then activate it, use the following command:


nvivo -i <license key> -a <activation filename> [-u <username> [-p <password>] [-d <domain>]]


  • Enter the license key in the following format: xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx

  • If your organization's proxy server requires your activation request to be authenticated, you may optionally specify a username, password and/or domain. This information is not retained by QSR.

  • Angle brackets < > indicate that the enclosed element is mandatory. You need to replace the text within the angle brackets with relevant information. Do not type the angle brackets themselves in the command line.

  • Square brackets [ ] indicate that the enclosed element is optional. Do not type the square brackets themselves in the command line.

Activation file format

Copy the text below into Notepad, set the values within the tags, and then save as an .xml file. Ensure that you save it with UTF-8 encoding.

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8' standalone='yes'?>





<Email>[email protected]</Email>



Nvivo 11 License Key

<JobTitle>Your Job Title</JobTitle>

<Industry>Your Industry</Industry>

<Department>Your Department</Department>

<Organization>Your Organization</Organization>






You can also download a zip file containing the sample activation file. Extract the file and then open it in your text editor.

NOTE You must observe the following rules, or the activation will fail:

  • Fields in bold are mandatory.

  • You must use a valid email address.

  • You must use abbreviations for the following countries:

  • For United States of America, use USA

  • For United Kingdom, use UK

  • For all other countries, capitalize the first letter of each word—for example, 'Mexico' or 'New Zealand'. Refer to the list of accepted country names for the specific format and spelling for your country name.