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Mercedes Me is a smart and simple way for Mercedes drivers to have a more complete and convenient connection to their vehicle. Available for iOS and Android, the app is a great new resource for all Mercedes-Benz owners.
Mercedes me to get the most out of your Mercedes-Benz customer experience
The Mercedes Me app allows Mercedes-Benz drivers to customize their vehicle to take advantage of more features. The Mercedes Me App offers a number of features, from vehicle management, remote access, to meaningful assistance and support, to make the driving experience for Mercedes vehicles more enjoyable. Mercedes Me offers great assistance features that help guide any Mercedes-Benz driver. Once on the application:
• Easily find your preferred dealer near your location;
• Contact Mercedes-Benz roadside assistance by clicking a button;
• Schedule a service appointment directly on the application;
• Access in a few clicks to a product concierge at your preferred dealer;
• Watch practical videos and access the manuals of your vehicle;
• Enjoy the Mercedes-Benz lifestyle through events and partnerships.
Mercedes also offers me a feature that allows you to view the financial information of your vehicles; whether you rented or bought your Mercedes-Benz. The Mercedes app has everything you need in one place. It takes you the Mercedes-Benz owner experience to the next level.

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