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Fortran is still the best way to deliver performance in computationally-intensive applications. And Intel® Fortran is the industry leading Fortran compiler. In addition to great standards support, Intel Fortran offer productive tools, pragmas and switch-settings that enable you to take advantage of ever increasing processor core counts and vector register widths available in Intel processors. It works with Visual Studio but if you don't have that, a Fortran development environment based on the Microsoft Visual Studio Shell is included.

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Billy Chen, Software Engineer, PCD DEVELO, Lenovo says 'I work on a Fortran application with a history that goes back about 40 years. No other computer language is better for application performance and no Fortran works better than Intel Fortran at delivering performance while keeping my productivity high as I address complex parallelism opportunities in my code. If you have Fortran legacy code and performance is a priority, try Intel® Parallel Studio XE Professional Edition.'


Intel Fortran offers broad support for Fortran standards and includes extensions that support productive development of multi-core and cluster-based systems based on the Intel Architecture. It also supports OpenMP and other parallelism models. Licenses include on year of support and updates. Intel Fortran is included in Intel Parallel Studio XE, Professional and Cluster Editions. All Parallel Studio Editions for Windows integrate into Visual Studio.

  • Parallel Studio XE Composer Editions:High performance compilers and libraries. Editions for C++, Fortran, C++ & Fortran.

Download Intel Fortran Compiler 11.0 I want to download Intel Fortran Compiler 11.0 but have not beeen able to locate the relevant page, the.

  • Parallel Studio XE Professional Editions:Intel VTune Amplifier, Intel Compilers, Intel Performance Libraries
  • Parallel Studio XE Cluster Edition:As abovev plus Intel® MPI and cluster-oriented analyzers & profilers

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Features & Benefits

  • Visual Studio or command-line: your choice. Develop, build, debug and run from the familiar Visual Studio IDE, or build and run from the command line. if you use Visual Studio, you can build mixed-language applications with C++, Visual Basic, C# and more. The compiler supports both 32- and 64-bit development - no extra charge like other compilers. Intel Fortran offerings include the Intel Math Kernel Library. And the Rogue Wave IMSL 7 Fortran Numerical Library is available from Intel as an add-on. It all adds up to great Fortran performance.
  • Broad support for standards. Intel Fortran offers full language Fortran 95, full Fortran 2003 and significant Fortran 2008 feature support, including Coarrays, DO CONCURRENT, 31 array dimensions, NEWUNIT in OPEN and more, all documented in the release notes. It also supports OpenMP 4.0 and older Fortran standards (FORTEAN IV (Fortran-66), 77 and 90).
  • Support directly from Intel to you. Every paid version of our software products automatically gives you access to Intel Premier Support for updates, direct and private interaction with the engineering team, and community forums to exchange ideas, solutions and more.
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