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So, you installed GTA SA on your android phone. But missing the CLEO SA cheats that are available for PlayStation and PC version of the GTA SA. During Porting the game to Android OS we, unfortunately, lost the custom cheats support in this game.

Hopefully, the Android developers and gamers like us never gave up and found a solution to use the cheats in android GTA SA.

All process of installing cheats in GTA SA is done with the help of CLEO cheats. CLEO cheats are usually installed using a third party app called CLEO APK.

But in order to install GTA SA CLEO MOD, your phone should be rooted. Most of the people are not familiar with the typical root method of android. So below I will describe the method of installing CLEO SA NO ROOT.

Note: If you already have installed the GTA SA on your android phone and you also have root access then you can download the CLEO SA APK from here.

In order to run GTA SA Cleo Mod download all three files given below and save on your android phone.

Note: You can skip downloading obb data of GTA SA if you already have that data.

GTA SA Cleo mod apk No root
Obb Data for GTA SA
CLEO SA cheats no root.
GTA SA versionv 1.08
obb data Versionv 1.08
Supported devicesAndroid version 4.4+
Root RequiredNo
GTA SA mod apk size16.00 MB
Obb Data Size1.76 GB

CLEO SA NO ROOT APK: steps to install:

In order to install CLEO cheats without root, you will have to download this Mod Android Application of GTA SA which have pre-installed Cleo SA no root.

Steps to install GTA SA CLEO MOD without root Access :

There is also a video tutorial at the end of article which explains the installation process very well.

  1. I hope you downloaded the above three files, now let’s start with obb data files you downloaded above.
  2. Extract the Obb zip file in your android phone you will get a folder ” com.rockstargames.gtasa.
  3. move the entire folder to this folder Android>Obb>com.rockstargames.gtasa.
  4. If Obb folder does not exceed then create one.
  5. Keep your internet connection closed and install the GTA SA.apk.
  6. After successfully doing these steps open the GTA SA app and start the game by clicking on the offline button.
  7. When the game loads it will show a pop-up notification of CLEO mods no root apk in the top left corner. This notification means that you have successfully installed GTA SA + Cleo mod apk without root on your phone.
  8. But wait, however you have successfully install CLEO SA mod apk you still need cheats to be installed separately.
  9. CLEO scripts are the main cheats which are gonna work in this Apk mod.
  10. Download GTA SA Android without root from the link above
  11. After downloading the above scripts extract them.
  12. Put the extracted files into the SD Card > Android > DATA > “com.rockstargames.gtasa” here.
  13. After Putting the above-downloaded files in the mentioned folder you are good to go.

How to use the CLEO SA cheats after installing them.

So now that we have installed GTA SA can Cleo mod along with cheats now we will learn how to use this Cleo cheats.

  1. After entering into the game when the game gets loaded just swipe from no.4 part of the screen to part no.6
  2. After swiping you will see the list of cheats.
  3. You can tap on #4 and #6 to move selections up and down
  4. You can tap on #2 and #8 to move selection left and right
  5. To enable the cheat, tap on #5 and cheat will be enabled.

How to install GTA SA Cleo APK Mods with existing obb Data.

I admit that downloading 1.7GB of obb data takes a lot of time and data usage. If you already have downloaded the GTA San Andreas from somewhere else and have all the obb data then you can skip downloading obb data.

Follow these steps below:

Gta San Andreas Hot Coffee Mod Download For Android Download

  1. Download the GTA SA Cleo mod apk from the download links above(1st download button)
  2. After downloading the GTA Cleo mod apk don’t rush to install it.
  3. Navigate to SD card > Android >obb> com.rockstaegames.gtasa
  4. Rename com.rockstargames.gtasa to com.rockstargames.gtasa1
  5. This will prevent your obb data from getting removed when you will uninstall the original GTA sa apk from your mobile
  6. Now uninstall the previous GTA SA apk from your android phone.
  7. Install the GTA SA cleo mod apk which you downloaded above.
  8. Now its time to install the GTA SA cleo cheats in your android phone.
  9. Download the CLEO SA cheats from the links above (3rd download button)
  10. Extract them into a folder.
  11. After extracting all the cheats move them to SD Card>Android>Data>com.rockstargames.gtasa here
  12. Now open the GTA SA apk and enjoy the CLEO cheats without root.

How to Add more cheats to GTA SA Cleo mods

Gta San Andreas Hot Coffee Mod Save Game Download For Android

GTA SA has a lot of CLEO mods which can be installed after doing above processes you can find other custom CLEO mods from sites like GTAinside.

1.After downloading the Cleo mods extract the zip file.

2.After getting the .csi files of cheats , move them to SD card>data>com.rockstargames.gtasa

3. Swipe from up to down in the middle of the screen and you will see the installed GTA SA Cleo mod there.

Best CLEO mods which are worth to Try

There are a number of GTA SA Cleo mods which you can download from various sites. Below I am listing some of GTA SA mods which you should give a try.

Gta sa coffee mod
  1. GTA cheats
  2. Flying(Superman)
  3. Super boost
  4. Vehicle spawner
  5. Skin selector
  6. Mission selector
  7. Spawn
  8. Weather changer
  9. Cloths changer
  10. Saved games.

So this was all about installing and using CLEO cheats without root in GTA san Andreas. For your convenience, we are embedding a video tutorial on installing Cleo sa mod on android phone.

Files for GTA San Andreas
File uploaded by:GeniusZ
This CLEO script allows you to activate the action of the Hot Coffee mod without starting a new game and without using sacensor.exe. To activate the script, enter the COFFEE cheat code. If you entered the cheat code correctly, a notification message will appear in the upper left corner of the screen. You can also turn off this script by entering the COFFEE cheat code again. After saving the game, you do not need to enter this cheat code again, as it will be activated.
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------
You must have the CLEO library installed. Download the latest version here: If you have a localizer from SanLtd, then you can move the file 'Hot Coffe CLEO.cs' from the RUS folder to the CLEO folder in the game directory. If you have another localizer, then move the 'Hot Coffe CLEO.cs' file from the ENG folder to the CLEO folder in the game directory so that after entering the cheat code, the screen does not display a set of different characters.

Mods → CLEO scripts
')' onmouseout='hide_info(this)'>GeniusZ
14.05 Kb

Gta Sa Coffee Mod


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