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File uploaded by:TheElderScrollsBoy
This crack will disentangle your game from the disc, and after its installation to start the game, 'Rockstar Games Social Club' will no longer be needed, Windows Live does not disconnect it. Suitable for patch
Installation: the files 'data.dll' and 'LaunchEFLC.exe' in the game directory (the folder with the game) and confirm the replacement. Also before installing, I would recommend that you make a backup, that is, keep the original files in a separate folder, or it's not enough, the game will not start after that and will have to be installed in a new way.
Have a good game!

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Gta Eflc Downgrade


Gta Eflc Mod Menu Pc


Gta Episodes From Liberty City Serial Key And Unlock Code

Simple Trainer Version 6.5

Simple Trainer Version v6.4.0.1 alpha 5

Changes in alpha 5: -The translation of the main settings menu has been added (added); -Added (added) translation of the menu for creating bodyguards / pedestrians; - Fixed (added) translation of the mission selection menu (mission assistance ...

Simple Native Trainer Version 6.4 Rus

Completely in Russian. There are also in the archive for Efls and for Gta 4 The trainer goes only to the 7 patch.

[!] If you are having trouble installing the file, seefile installation instructions for GTA 4.
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Gta Eflc Xliveless