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GRAILLON version 2.4 User Manual Installation For Windows users: Double-click on the.exe installer and follow the instructions. When using the VST 2.4 format, you may have to enter the right VST 2.4 directory in order for your DAW to find the plug-in. Graillon is a free pitch corrector VST, VST3, Audio Unit, AAX, LV2 plugin developed by Auburn Sounds. Compatible OS(s): Windows 64b, macOS. Graillon is a Vocal Live Changer that brings a world of possibilities right into your DAW, with carefully designed features. The Pitch-Tracking Modulation, unique to Graillon, changes the type of speakers, generates throat sounds, creates choruses, make. Download Grallion 2 Vocal Changer by Auburn Sounds Free Bit Crusher, Pitch Shifter, Vocoder, Vocal Processing, Autotune VST, VST3, AU, AAX, LV2 Plugin. Win 32Bit, Win 64Bit, Mac 64Bit, Linux.

Plugins for tune vocals are some of the most popular on the market. Autotune is used in every vocal project, regardless of the artist’s level of performance. Not every artist and producer can afford to buy an Antares Auto-Tune license for $ 400. For this case, we have selected several free plugins for processing vocals.

Pitch correction can be used both for subtle correction of missed notes and for extreme processing, with the so-called “T-Pain” effect.

Download Version 2.4 Download 4303 File Size 19.4 MB File Count 1 Create Date February 11, 2020 Last Updated July 1, 2020 Graillon 2. Free vst plugins December 20, 2018 No Comments Graillon FE size 11.2 MB Graillon Free Edition is a vocal live changer that brings a world of possibilities right into your DAW with carefully designed features.

1. Graillon 2 by Auburn Sounds (VST/AU)

The highest rated plugin on the list. Graillon 2 is more than just a plug-in with automatic settings. Its pitch correction module is so easy to use that we had to put it in first place on this list. It is also compatible with all digital DAW stations capable of loading VST and AU, both on PC and MAC. Just place it as an effect on the channel with the voice track, turn on the correction and get a soft fix! All necessary settings are located on the front panel of the plugin.

Download: Graillon 2 (32/64 bit)

2. MAutoPitch by MeldaProduction (VST/VST3/AU/AAX)

MeldaProduction has made great progress in recent years. Their free MAutoPitch is still not inferior in correcting vocals for notes. While the functionality of Graillon and MAutoPitch is similar, Melda added some interesting bonus knobs (stereo width adjustment, response speed, limiter and others). The reason why this plugin does not take first place in our ranking is that installing it requires a cumbersome installer. This plugin is a great free effect. Compatible with all modern hosts.

Download: MAutoPitch

3. GSnap by Graham Yeadon (VST)

GSnap is another good alternative. This was the first free vocal correction plugin that is still relevant. As for the design, the entire line of free plugins from Graham Yeadon has only the necessary pens. GSnap is somewhat similar to the two aforementioned competitors, however its distinctive feature is the ability to tune the processed audio signal to the input notes. The automatic correction algorithm also does its job well, although it does not have a formant switching function (like Graillon 2 and MAutoPitch).

Download: GSnap (only for Windows)

4. KeroVee by g200kg (VST)

KeroVee is a pitch correction tool released in 2010. This plugin, like GSnap, is available only for Windows. Despite the design, its capabilities are no worse, and with a minimum processor load.

Download: KeroVee

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Autotune is a piece of digital software which modifies the pitch of a singer’s vocal. This can be used either during a live performance, or in post-production. In recent years, autotune has progressed from subtle changes in vocals to the main identity of musicians such as T-Pain, Daft Punk, Black Eyed Peas and Cher. Typically used in pop music, many will be able to identify an artist by the distinct autotuned sounds. Consequently, there are a variety of autotune and pitch tuning plugins available. However, many cost a lot of money and finding the right one to do the job for your needs can be overwhelming. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of our top free autotune plugins that are still functional. Check out the list of what to consider when looking for your perfect plugin!

Free Autotune Plugins

There are a few things to consider when looking for an autotune plugin, such as what sound you want to achieve. Are you looking for minor corrections for a natural sound? Then maybe a pitch correction plugin with a transparent audio engine would be best. Or would you rather a plugin which allows you to draw in the notes for a singer/instrument to hit? This is usually suitable for hip-hop or certain electronic genres. Alternatively, you may require effects to allow you to further customise the voice and may need MIDI input. Whatever you need, check out the list below:

The Best Free Autotune Plugins

Graillon 2 Free Edition

No list of autotune plugins would be complete without the free version of Auburn Sounds’ Graillon 2!

Graillon 2 Autotune Free Download

It is one of the best autotune VST free download plugins out there. Also, it is compatible with all the digital audio workstations able to load VST and AU plugins, on PC and Mac computers. Its pitch correction module is very efficient and simple to use. With its stand-out looking interface including large fonts and prominent colours, it is easy to navigate. It is also a well-programmed plugin, which enables both substantial autotune and fine pitch correction functions perfectly!

Auto Tuning vocals with Graillon 2 is incredibly easy, thanks to its intuitive and proficient control scheme. You can fine-tune your sound less or more artificial, depending on your musical requirements. The mix knob on the user interface can be used to reduce the impact of the pitch correction module. You can also create robotic sounds by using the ‘smooth’ knob. This controls how slow/fast your sound skips from one note to another. The ‘bitcrusher’ area can make a voice growl and reinforce a bass portion of monophonic pitched sounds. This is a unique function to Graillon 2! It can also act as a pitch-shifting plugin with the pitch wheel. Equally, you should be careful when using the functions that some notes don’t ‘stick’ for too long and alter the melody.

If you need impeccable, versatile functionality with extra features and are wondering how to get autotune for free, Graillon 2 is the one for you.

Download:Graillon 2


MeldaProduction is a well-known audio plugin business. Their products add a few bonus tools like stereo width adjustment, automatic gain control, and a limiter.

All MeldaProduction’s freeware plugins, including MAutoPitch, are crammed into a single installer file, which is quite cumbersome. The pitch correction algorithm is flexible, with adjustable speed, range, scale, and depth but the user interface is slightly less perceptive than Graillon.

MAutoPitch is still a great free autotune plugin that could quickly become your go-to pitch correction tool. The ‘speed’ knob controls how quick MAutoPitch will respond to out-of-tune notes, allowing smoother sounds. Shifting formants can make you sound deeper or higher but be careful altering the formant too much can alter its pitch.

The benefits to this plugin are the wealth of bonus features, and it is compatible with all VST and AU plugin hosts on PC and Mac. The visual detector displays which notes are being detected by the plugin. The scale function allows you to detect which scale of music you’re in. This means that MAutoPitch will only adapt the pitch to the perfect notes according to the key of the track.

With a variety of features available, high functionality and easy interface MAutoPitch is a great choice.



One of the first free pitch correction plugins, GSnap, is among the best. It was the original freeware VST plugin that accomplished the classic autotune effect. To this day, GSnap is still a great in terms of features and design.

One main feature is its ability to tune the processed audio signal according to the MIDI notes on the input. If you aim to correct a singer’s notes, play their part on a piano and use the MIDI notes from the piano in the plugin, GSnap will take those notes as a guide to make it accurate. Many plugins can’t achieve this but it’s an extremely beneficial tool!

The original sound is in red, and the altered notes are emphasised in green. Twelve fully adaptable knobs give exact editing of the effect. Also, this plugin allows you to add vibrato and adjust the speed of it, essentially making the vocalist sound more organic.

Unlike Graillon 2 and MAutoPitch, GSnap only works on Windows-based systems. It does come with a very good manual, so it’s worth reading the instructions if you decide to use GSnap. GSnap is renowned amongst experienced producers for its versatility, MIDI feed options as well as easy interface, so give it a go!



Another original pitch correction tool, KeroVee was released in 2010 by Japan based g200kg. Although it looks less slick than its competition, the feature set is matched. Likewise, it has the MIDI input mode like GSnap.

KeroVee may lack in the extreme robotic effects, but it more than makes up for it with accurate pitch alteration capabilities. On the left side, there’s an easy scaled interface so you can see exactly what KeroVee is doing and react suitably. Just to the right of this, you can click which notes of the scale you want KeroVee to adjust to. Selected notes will have a green block next to them, while deselected notes will be black.

Just like GSnap, you are also able to route MIDI notes to KeroVee for the plugin to use as a guide. This is a vital element which lets you tell KeroVee exactly which notes the singer should be on, with a large set of knobs to customise further. Unique feature is the ‘nuance’ parameter. It enables you to keep or ignore subtle pitch changes, such as natural vibrato from the singer. Just like other autotune plugins, you get a ‘TuneSpeed’ knob to control how quickly the plugin will fix the incoming audio.

The ‘calib’ function checks the general pitch of the sound. Other important functions include pitch and formant shifting, fine tuning as well as panning and volume knobs. The main downfall of KeroVee is system compatibility. It only works as a VST plugin in Windows-based DAWs, meaning that macOS users won’t be able to use it.

If you are hoping for an autotune plugin which is tailored exactly for adequate modification of vocals instead of a severe and noticeable effect, KeroVee is a great option.


Autotune Free Online & Free Autotune Software

As an alternative to plugins, Melodyne is a great free autotune software. Melodyne is a tool which allows you to control pitch, timing and formant of an audio track. This is particularly good for vocals, but can also be used for when you are recording bass, guitar, piano.

Musical notes can be softened or heightened electronically for perfect recordings. Melodyne is fully compatible with older types of audio media including vinyl. Melodyne allows people who recorded their voice in older formats to retrieve it, and even adapt their vocals to create fresh new sounds. If you are good at using technology then Melodyne is great to get creative with. Although it can be difficult to master, there are a lot of great features and effects.

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What Is the Best Free Autotune VST Plugin?

These days, so many genres of music will include some sort of vocal or instrument tuning. This is why autotune and pitch correction plugins are so important.

Hopefully from the guide above, you will be able to find a free plugin which is suitable to your needs. You need to consider if you want a heavy, unnatural, robotic sound or a lighter, smoother sound which listeners won’t notice. You need to think about the advantages and disadvantages for each of the free plugins listed, and see which closely matches you achieving the sound you desire.

So, why not try one of the free autotune plugins by downloading our free pack of autotune plugins? All of them have distinctive features which can be used to meet your musical needs from slight adjustment to a new full-blown sound!

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