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Hello there everyone, and welcome to the Official Pokémon: Liquid Crystal website. Pokémon: Liquid Crystal is a ROM Hack developed for the GameBoy Advanced system using FireRed as the base. It’s a complete Pokémon Crystal Remake of the the GameBoy Color classic. The story is the same as the Original Crystal with a load of extra events and even a brand new region to explore.

  1. Free Download Pokemon Crystal For Mobile Phones
  2. Pokemon Crystal Download
  3. Free Download Pokemon Crystal For Mobile Phone Download

Pokemon Crystal softwares Mobile Games Java available for free download. At the time of writing (Sept, 2014), this game has had 13+ million downloads. That is truly amazing and shows how much people love the pokemon games! I wrote this all in the comments section years ago. Download GBC Emulator apk 1.0 for Android. A free, easy to use emulator for the GBC.

If you are looking for the latest updates on Pokémon: Liquid Crystal then you should check out the Development Journal.

This site is the main base for Pokémon: Liquid Crystal, where you can find all the information you need such as how to download Pokémon: Liquid Crystal, how to play it and to see samples of what to expect when you play the game. You can also check out the Media section where you can find High Quality Screenshots of the game before you download it. You can also find some select videos we chose to showcase here on the site in the Videos section, giving you some snippets and history into the game before you try it. Oh, and if you’re a fan of /music, then you will enjoy the Music section where you can listen to some of the greatest Official Soundtracks from Pokémon: Liquid Crystal.


Pokémon: Liquid Crystal has some unique features such as the ability to travel to the Orange Islands region, a never before seen region in the Pokémon games. That’s not all, we have a bunch of features waiting for you to discover while playing the game such as Berry Growing, Diving, Hidden Areas and a ton more! You can find out a lot more about the top features of Pokémon: Liquid Crystal by visiting the Features page.

Have a watch of the latest trailer showing off some of the things in the latest version of Pokémon: Liquid Crystal.

On December 25th we released Beta 3.1 of Pokémon: Liquid Crystal to the public, and since that day we have received over 26,000 downloads of the game. The date of writing is April 29th, 2012. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support and encourage new players to download and enjoy the game as much as possible. Spread the words to your friends and let everyone know about Pokémon: Liquid Crystal!

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download the game and enjoy it! Or browse the site to find out more about the game before you play it. If you enjoy the game, then please consider a Donation using the button below.

Download Pokémon: Liquid Crystal now!

Pokémon: Liquid Crystal has a wide range of awesome features for you to enjoy. This is what we think are the top ones. Day & Night Experience Real Time events and Visuals with the Day & Night system in Pokémon: Liquid Crystal! Travel through 5 different times including Morning, Day, Sunset, Evening …

It is crazy to think that Pokémon Crystal was released under a year later than Pokémon Gold and Silver were! That is just how popular Pokémon was (and still is) back in 2001. This is not a brand-new Pokémon game, instead, it is an enhanced version of what Gold and Silver offered. So, with that in mind if you do not have Silver or Gold, I would say this is the version to get. However, if you do have either of those games, I am not so sure this is worth getting as well.

I Like The Story…. But!

I really enjoyed the story that Pokémon Gold and Silver told. That is a good thing as the story is pretty much the same in Pokémon Crystal. You once again pick your starter Pokémon from Professor Elm. You once again have to choose between, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile. You once again have a rival who stole a Pokémon from Professor Elm and you once again need to become the Pokémon grand champion. Now while that is all good (or not that good if you have beaten both Gold and Silver) it does add a few new subplots. One of which is about the Legendary Pokémon, Suicune which I thought was pretty cool. So, while for the most part, the story is the same, it does have a few new things here and there.

Hello Miss!

Pokémon Crystal was actually the first game in the series to allow you to be a girl. While this is the norm these days. In the original Pokémon games, you had no choice, but to play as a boy. So, Pokémon Crystal allowing you to play as a girl was a big deal for the huge female player base that Pokémon had.

Look At Them Move!

One thing that I feel is better in Pokémon Crystal is the visuals. The game does not look a million times better, but there is just a bit more polish to the whole game. While that is great, it is the animations that really blew people away. The Pokémon now have little animations which really do make them feel more lifelike. This is a feature that was so well received that it would become a staple for the series going forward. I know it does not sound like much, but back in 2001 this was actually a huge deal.

Do You Dare Enter The Battle Tower?

Pokémon Stadium on the Nintendo 64 was awesome and Pokémon Crystal actually has a mode that is rather similar to that. It is called The Battle Tower and it is freaking awesome! Here you can take part in epic battles which are a lot of fun and also a really cool way for a potential Pokémon champion to put their skills to the test.

If you have played Pokémon Gold and or Silver, you will know exactly what to expect here. It is an enhanced version of an already amazing game and if you did not jump in with Gold or Silver, this is the second-generation Pokémon game you want to play. I would say that if you are a massive Pokémon fan and had played through the other two games, it is actually still worth checking out.

Free Download Pokemon Crystal For Mobile Phones



Pokemon Crystal Download

  • The Pokémon animations look great
  • The story does have a couple of new plots
  • The Battle Tower is awesome
  • It has the same epic story from Gold and Silver
  • It is the best second-generation Pokémon game


  • Not a ton of new stuff here
  • It was released less than a year after Gold and Silver!

Free Download Pokemon Crystal For Mobile Phone Download

Overall rating: 8.5