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Featuring an iconic 2D art style, MapleStory offers the thrill of explosive power, bold anime-style self-expression, and absolute control of your characters’ awesome abilities. Build your perfect custom hero from over 40 distinct classes with thousands of unique cosmetic options, and set off on your journey to face never-ending challenges. Is there a way to download Windows on my mac for free? Update: Mac OS X Version 10.5.8. Update 2: Also, MapleStory does not run under Wine. Articles in this section. My anti-virus is detecting the Nexon Launcher. Where can I find the Nexon Launcher? Where can I find the Nexon Launcher?

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Maple Story on Mac

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Can someone give me support so I can play the game on my Macbook?
If possible some video on youtube.
Thank you very much


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    I don't believe Maplestory will ever run on Mac or Linux without support from Nexon.
    The only way you could possibly get it to run is disable or work around the hack protection, which is an awful idea and will just get you banned.
    Still, one can hope that someday they will fix it to work for these operating systems.
    MapleStory is literally the only thing still tying me down to windows.
  • AFAIK MapleStory relies too much on software libraries and technologies exclusive to Windows for it to be run on any other platform, even if Wine or Play on Linux was used. OS X isn't a suitable choice for gaming nowadays anyway.
    However, if you really want to play using your Macbook, I'm pretty sure you could do so by installing Windows aside your pre-existing macOS via Boot Camp. That way you can switch between Windows and macOS whenever you need by restarting your machine. Then you could install MapleStory on the Windows partition of your machine.
    Here's Apple's official guide to using Boot Camp: Please note that you still need a valid copy of Windows to install on your machine, which costs like $140 from official sources (
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    AFAIK MapleStory relies too much on software libraries and technologies exclusive to Windows for it to be run on any other platform, even if Wine or Play on Linux was used. OS X isn't a suitable choice for gaming nowadays anyway.
    I believe at this point it's mostly due to anti-cheat. Proton (Steam fork of wine) works pretty well with a lot of games now, however anything with anti-cheat is still out of the question.
    However, if you really want to play using your Macbook, I'm pretty sure you could do so by installing Windows aside your pre-existing macOS via Boot Camp. That way you can switch between Windows and macOS whenever you need by restarting your machine. Then you could install MapleStory on the Windows partition of your machine.
    I dual boot into Linux/Windows and have no problems running Maplestory, I don't see why they would have any issue with Mac/Windows.
  • This has come up once or twice a year that I know of since I began playing this mess back in 2014. Each time the thread doesn't really go anywhere past the OP saying 'I want to play it on my mac without booting into windows', and it's just not feasible. There is so little demand from mac users for a mac-native client that, even if it were possible with the lack of software libraries between windows and mac, there's just not enough demand to warrant creating a new client on a new OS from the ground up and then supporting it in tandem with a windows client that is arguably already enough of a mess as it is without a split of resources.
    And given how trivial it is nowadays to simply dual-boot two different operating systems, there's no real need for a mac-native client. Everything on the first page of google results for 'how to play maplestory on mac' say 'just dual boot'.
    So if I were you, OP, I would simply sort out giving yourself a separate hard drive partition(let's call it 60-80GB, depending on the total size of your hard drive) and installing windows to that.
  • bonjours je parle francais jesperr que ont va pouvoir me répondre j'ai un macbook et jaimerai sa savoir comment je peu jouer a applestory sur macbook please sa fait des années que essaye de savoir comment ((

About this Game

With over three million users within the first week of its launch, MapleStory M has definitely left a searing mark on the gaming world! MapleStory M was first released in 2016 but after two years got launched globally across 140 countries, lucky us! The highly-anticipated global launch saw millions of people (both young and younger) around the world counting down to its release date. Undeniably huge MapleStory M sticker advertisements were placed everywhere in prime bus and train stations – there’s no getting away from its impending, glorious reckoning. Every night as we tiredly alighted these stations after a day’s work, we’d see these stickers and think, “hang in there, just10 more days”!

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Here are the game features for MapleStory M that we absolutely love:

Customize your own character: Hair/Face/Eyes/Skin color

We wouldn’t say the customization tools are of “the sky’s the limit!” caliber, but the ones that MapleStory M give us are pretty cool and cute! Heaven knows when we’d finish choosing our ideal character if we had more choices! Check out the normal hairstyles and royal hairstyles! You can change the hair color if you want to!

Choose a Character Job from five different kinds: Dark Knight, Bow Master, Night Lord, Bishop, and Corsair!

Play these awesome character jobs – they’re all very powerful but we’ve selected Bishop because we love magic! If you’re wondering which character to play, let us offer you some basic tips on how to choose your best-suited character job! Think about what mode you like playing in – Magic or more physical? Conversely, HP will be affected. If you’re focusing on the MAG ATK, your general health would be lower than those in the PHY ATK department. The magic compensates for the weakness in health.

Relies primarily on MAG ATK (Magic Attack): Bishop, Corsair

Relies primarily on PHY ATK (Physical Attack): Dark Knight, Night Lord, Bow Master

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Auto-Quest, Auto-Battles

You can literally do a hands-off this “mobile game” when you switch on your auto-quest and auto-battle modes! Though you still got to click through the stories and Complete or Accept quests, the larger part of the game can still be auto-ed. This has garnered some positive and negative reviews from players, who complain about it being too hands-off. For us, we can’t seem to get enough (especially for those of us at work!!). The team at MapleStory M is smart – they know a majority of us wouldn’t be able to conduct manual fighting 24/7, especially when we’re busy most of the time. They incorporated this auto-quest and auto-battle mechanism to help us addicted gamers with that problem! This is hands-down (pun intended) one of our favorite features!

Explore familiar and new cities: Kerning City, Henesys, Perion and many, many more!

Jump back into your favorite and familiar cities when you play MapleStory M! The team didn’t do away with the old – they revamped the old and brought in lots of new features <3 The storyline is compelling and stimulating (that’s if you don’t just speed through the stories by clicking away rapidly), and if you’re willing to immerse yourself in the story, you can really get sucked into its exciting rabbit trails, main story, and other side missions! If you’re wondering how far this game might go… you can be assured that with the current 150 levels of exhilarating content already engaging millions of players everywhere, the storyline will span for a longer term, just like the original PC version of the game in Korea. Hip, hip hooray!

Maplestory Game Download

Look forward to exciting events and themed giveaways!

There are lots of events you can look forward to. Currently, the Moon Bunny event (in light of the Moon Cake Festival) is on. Players can anticipate lots of future events to keep them constantly on their toes. Earlier, the celebration of five million players worldwide rewarded everyone with a set of cute pre-school uniform outfit that is yellow in color. We thought that was really adorable! We don’t know about you, but we’re definitely excited at what the MapleStory M team has in store for us for this game!

Pets, skills, forge, items, the works!

You can equip up to nine different skills at any one time. Work hard to level up your skills – Always start with ramping up your Passive skills first, then Buffs, followed by Active skills! As you level up – in the level 100s or so – you will find that Skill Points get harder to attain. As such, don’t spend them recklessly. Our MapleStory guide will help you learn what’s the best moves to do in terms of skills.

Who doesn’t love these adorable Koalas? They’re timed pets, so they’d be taken away after a certain amount of time. If you choose to revert back to the cat and crocodiles, go ahead! Different pets have a different number of skill slots and abilities, so don’t think that they’re all the same. Keep feeding them pet food attained from unlocking missions to level them up so they can be stronger and faster. Right now we’re eyeing the dragon pet that’s unlocked at level 120. That’s a long way to go…

The forge is the place where you upgrade your main weapons. There are different levels to your weapons:

Normal, Rare, Epic, Unique, Legendary, Mystic. Most of us have Unique and Epic weapons… Our MapleStory M guide will help you understand better the weapon values so you don’t discard them or accidentally forge them as materials!

We hope you will enjoy playing this game! Don’t wait, join in the Maple madness (if you can’t beat them… join them!).

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