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Justice League Heroes – The story of the game begins with Superman and Batman foiling the S.T.A.R. Labs ambush by robots controlled by Brainiac. After Batman and Superman defeat what they think is Brainiac, they discover that they have merely been diverted by a duplicate while another has raided the vaults of the Lab, taking Kryptonian DNA and a chunk of meteorite. ISO download page for the game: Justice League Heroes (PS2) - File: Justice League Heroes (USA).torrent -

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Justice League Heroes: The Flash is a game that I am sure many people have never heard of. This was released on the Game Boy Advance around the time Justice League Heroes was released for the PlayStation 2 and original Xbox. It is what I would describe as a bit of a hidden gem and a game that is well worth playing if you like superheroes.

So Many Heroes!

Now granted this is not as cinematic as its big brother on the home consoles. However, as a fan of The Flash (which I owe to the 1990 TV series by the way), I was pretty invested in what was going on here. You Play as The Flash, but each level features another DC character such as Batman, Martian Manhunter and more moving the story along. Justice League Heroes: The Flash has a fun story and one that I really liked.

I Am The Fastest Man Alive

The gameplay of Justice League Heroes: The Flash is that of a beat em up. It is not just strictly 2D. Instead, we have a game that plays kind of like a Double Dragon or a Streets of Rage, a style of game that I really enjoy. Of course, as The Flash is the fastest man alive, the game makes great use of his speed. It is cool the way the game will “slow down” so that The Flash is the fastest thing in the game. This allows you to feel like you are moving really fast, but not at the expense of losing control.

Save The Day

Each of the levels in the game has its own theme, story, and supervillain for you to overcome. Flash will learn new moves as you play so for what on paper looks like a rather simple game, Justice League Heroes: The Flash does have a nice amount of progression to it which keeps you moving forward. As does the fun and addictive gameplay, look no one is going to say that this is a very deep game, but it is still one that is very fun. It is more challenging than you would think as well. One aspect that I though thought was cool was how you could take on Black Flash if you died so that you could get one last chance to get back into the action.

There is no shortage of great games on the Game Boy Advance and as a result some slip through the cracks and never show up on people’s radars. That is what I feel happened to Justice League Heroes: The Flash. This is a fun beat em up and one of the best superhero games to be released for the system. Even if you are not a big fan of The Flash, this is still a fun time.

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  • The way the game handles The Flash’s speed is clever
  • I really enjoyed the story
  • Plenty of cameos from other DC heroes
  • It plays like a 90s beat em up which is cool
  • I liked the comic book style presentation


  • It is not the longest game
  • Not a ton of depth to the gameplay, but it is still fun
Overall rating: 8
OS: Android 2.3
Tags: 3d, slasher, hacked games
Justice League in the android - how to defeat evil?It is necessary to unite the efforts of super heroes. And they did so and forced to settle down villains. But the villains have taken this experience and have joined forces to avenge the heroes. Well, brave brave again need to get down to business - to fight the enemies. You can greatly help them.Choose one iz5 heroes - Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and the Flash and use it active and passive skills in every fight to win!Good luck! And remember, good always triumphs over evil!
Russian language: no

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