Arp Quadra Vst Download


Originally, this ensemble and snapshots were created by Michael Novak, a member of the Reaktor User Library.

  1. Arp Quadra Plugin

I was looking for a model of ensemble that emulate vintage synthesizer with the goal of creating an original GUI following the original design.

I have not created the instrument but I conducted a research in order to approach similar appearance of the hardware synth, and give detailed graphic elements for each functions.

ARP Quadra 2.3 + original GUI Update of the Quadra 2.2 ensemble by Mike Nowak with new GUI (19 Votes). Free ARP Pro-Soloist Synthesizer VST EmulationPro SoloVs by AM Music TechnologyLink: The Oddity takes all that was great about the classic ARP Odyssey synthesizer and brings these qualities into the modern age; like morphing between any two saved patches within a 64-patch bank. But don’t think the Oddity is just for geeks – it’s perfect for musicians recreating evocative sounds from. Win 32 VST (2.3 Mb) V 1.2. Hey, Synthscience how about creating an emulation of a Arp Quadra. Prodigious is the best. Moog were alive he would be surprised at this plugin. Thanks Synthscience! Reply Randall Mar 20 2013.

Because the original design is huge, the commands of the synth are divided into two panels, so you need to switch A/B :A : BASS + STRING + POLY SYNTHESIZER
For more information about this famous vintage synth, you have an excellent article on this page.

We have searched on all the web for free VST emulation of the Arp 2600 synth :
unfortunately, there’s really only one. The good news is that it’s a very good emu!
**edit **: une fois n’est pas coutume we have not searched deep enough ! Thanks to BlackWinny (see the first comments), another Arp 2600 like emu is available for the masses!

Come on let’s do it :

1. Arppe2600va by Glen Stegner

Based on the Richard brooks Synthedit source, the Arppe2600va is a must have, for all semi modular virtual analog lovers. Despite some bugs it has all you need : three oscillators, an ADSR generator, a LFO, a Sample & Hold Unit, a Filter, a spring reverb and many more!

If you are not familiar with the Arp 2600 you may have a look at the manual before programming some patches :

Arp Quadra Plugin

This (free!) eBook by Samuel Ecoff is also a must :

The matrix on the Arppe2600va VST is less fun that “patch chord” but is very powerful and easy to use.

Bonus !! 2 Free Preset Banks for Arppe 2600 va :

here’s one by our good friend Ann : :
72 incredible presets for the ARP 2600 VST!

and another preset bank by me : :
74 crazy presets !!

Bass arp !

Crazy Sequence

Space FX

2. Trans Computer Maschine by Cescato

trans Computer Maschine VST !

Unlike the Arppe2600va, this one is still developed!
Freeware / donationware, don’t hesitate to support the author.
It’s not a 1:1 Arp 2600 emulation, but it share the same basis.
And it’s good to have the value displayed for the pitch 🙂
a second ADSR is also a nice addition.
and more important, it features a sequencer, just check the “Blade runner” and “I Feel Love Donna Summer” presets ! cool
It has less modulation possibilities than the Arp 2600 / Arppe2600va but it still a powerful beast.

— Bonux trax : —

3. Arp 2600 VST by Richard Brooks

The -very- old version of Arp 2600 VST, for hardcore “VST vintage” fans.

and for the fun, an old GUI of arppe2600va :


i prefer the blue one