Arp Quadra Vst Download

ManufacturerARP Instruments, Inc.
Dates1978 - 1981
Technical specifications
Polyphony1 (Bass), 2 (Lead), All (String, Polysynth)
Oscillator4 (2/Lead, 1/Poly+String, 1/Bass)
LFOTriangle, Square
Synthesis type
AttenuatorDecay (Bass), AR (String), ADSR (Poly), ADSASR (Lead)
Storage memoryPanel Switch state, Octave, Osc. Interval
Effects1 (Stereo Phase Shifter)
Keyboard61-key synth-action with Channel Aftertouch (Lead only)
Left-hand controlPortamento VCO1, Portamento VCO2
External controlCV/Gate

The ARP Quadra was a 61 key analogsynthesizer produced by ARP Instruments, Inc. from 1978 to 1981. The machine combined pre-existing products: the Omni, Odyssey, a Solina-esque string synthesizer unit, a phaser and a divide-down organ with ADSR envelope, and a 4075 24 db low pass filter into one box. It has four sections. Bass is on the bottom two octaves, has two unison bass circuits (electric and string), with AR and a single pole low pass filter and a related AD envelope for cutoff. A string section is similar to the ARP Omni. Poly Synth, and a two voice Lead Synth similar to the Odyssey and a five way mixer with four unit outputs, a stereo pair, a line mono and an XLR out.

There are 16 memory locations, but these do not provide storage of slider settings. The synthesizer's 8048-based microcontroller uses battery-backed CMOS SRAM storage[1] to store and recall 16 sets of on/off decisions about which waveforms and modulations are turned on in each of the four sections, and lead intervals. Using LEDs the player is visually directed to the sliders critical to the sound selected but their settings are not updated. This necessary tweaking and fine tuning is the weakness of the Quadra.

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Like the MoogPolymoog keyboard, the Quadra was not a true polyphonic. It used divide-down circuits for the Omni-style string section, including ADSR, LFO, filter and VCAs for the Polyphonic Synth section. Both Polyphonic Synth and string sections share the hollow wave button which changes waveforms for both sections.

Arp Quadra Plugin

It has a simple arpeggiator for the lead section and memorizes intervals between the two lead VCOs. Vibrato, LFO and a fast square wave trill can be added to the arpeggiation. There are the two independent portamento rates for each VCO, whether locked together or in interval mode. This is useful in either multiple or single trigger mode.

The top three octaves of the keyboard have a mechanical touch sensor that can either pitch bend or impact brilliance and filter. Unique is the flat pedal feature which allows pedaling to dip individual notes and chords a semitone below so they rise to pitch with the envelope’s attack.

Extensive CV/Gate facilities allow two external sequencers to independently control both the bass and the lead. It is capable of four independent outs, stereo out, mono, and mono XLR but hidden in the quad outs is TRS facility for processing and returning effects on individual parts of the four sections to be recombined with external audio at a built-in mixer, which includes an internal compressor circuit. Like all ARP synthesizers of this series (2800) its true character opens up with selective use of the optional foot pedals.

The Quadra uses the typical ARP orange and black color scheme of the company's later years including the orange leather end pieces and the clean XLR out for DI console recording.

Notable users[edit]

Notable users of the ARP Quadra include:

  • Joe Zawinul of Weather Report on album 8:30 track 8:30 [2]
  • Tony Banks of Genesis.[3] First appeared in his Genesis work in 1980, notably in the songs Behind the Lines, Abacab and Mama
  • Kerry Livgren of Kansas
  • Rick Wright and David Gilmour of Pink Floyd[4]
  • Rayborn Huff of David and the Giants


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The scaled-down version of the Arp 2600 ! the famous Arp Odyssey appeared in 1972.
Some free VSTi try to recreate the analog sound of the Arp Odyssey, with its funky modulations.
Here’s a selection of 4 freeware plugins.

Come on now !

1. ODSay VST by ElektroStudio

Free download and infos :

The guys from Elektrostudio did it again!
The VST is souding good. It also adds a chorus and a delay that are not present in the hardware model.

here’s a bank of 128 presets for ODsay VST : download now !! Chris bank for ODsay

sample & hold pad

lately bass (+chorus)

hard sync

more stab house

who is Elvis


ferox bass
There are some minor problems or bug (but nothing that prevent from using it) i discovered while making presets for this :
– glide parameter is not saved per preset.
– when using the AR on VCA, the PWM modulation stop when releasing the key (it doesn’t happen with ADSR)
– LFO tempo sync on/off state is not saved per preset.
– and other bugs

but it’s the best freeware VST synth if you want an emulation of the Arp Odyssey.

2. Odyssey VST by SynthSchool

Arp Odyssey Free VST

Download for free :

Created with SynthMaker. For Windows 32 bit.
Unlike the others (and his hardware model) this one is polyphonic.
It was created to be an educational tool for those who wants to learn sound synthesis.
It sounds good, and even if the readme file explains that you should make your own preset instead of using existing ones, here’s 20 presets for SynthSchool Odyssey free ! => download 20 presets

3. OddyFree VST by Chris Roberson

Arp Quadra Vst Download

Free dl :

Created with Synthedit. It works for Windows and is 32 bit.
modulations are not as efficient as the ODsay VST, the filter fm doesn’t really work.

4. OddSE VST by EFM


info : archive & download

Arp Quadra Vst Download Full


Arp Quadra Vst Download Audacity

Created with SynthEdit. Windows 32 bit.
unlike the other, the osc2 can’t be modulated by the S&H mixer (but by the LFO square).